Bring The Power of Video to Your Business

Using video as part of your marketing mix has measurable benefits

6Times more effective than print and online promotion (Source: Atlas)
53Percent increase in chance of Google front page ranking (Source: Cisco)
64percent of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video (Source: Comscore)
13percent increase in click-through rate for emails with 'video' in the subject line (Source: Experian)
Monitor in production studio showing newsman or pundit talking to television or video camera

Talking Head Videos

Talking Head videos are among the most common productions of all. It’s one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to create video content for your business. Talking head videos are usually medium close-up shots of someone talking on camera. They’re ideal for

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Recording your live events and seminars to video can improve your return on investment

Live Event Videos

Live event videos can add great value to your business efforts. They can extend the shelf life of your event, and help maximise the return on your investment. We can provide a single or multi-camera recording crew to ensure all the important

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Customer Testimonial Videos

We all know how powerful and effective word-of-mouth can be. If only you could bring happy customers to every sales presentation or have them talk to visitors at your website. Well, creating customer testimonial videos allows you to do just that – at least

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